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My Brother, My Heart, My Best Friend

Bubba and Nephew Shane
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Bubba and Nephew Shane
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October Breast Cancer Awareness

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I always hope to grow brighter, funnier just like you.
I hope to learn to be even more well rounded, but right
now I feel I cannot be any better than I am now. But for
YOU I will try. I so miss the days of wrestling with me.
Remember throwing me over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes and pinning me on the ground counting, ONE, TWO, and THREE! I love and miss you so much Uncle Bubba.
I know you see my beautiful son Thomas from Heaven, but I wish you could throw him over your shoulder and count ONE, TWO, and THREE! One day we will wrestle for Jesus!
Peace Out, Shane & Thomas



When you look upon

the dark of night and see a

twinkle of light, remember that it is your Angel,

 the star that shines so bright!

Letting you know he is with you and loves you so!