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My Brother, My Heart, My Best Friend

Patty's Letters to Heaven

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Patty's Letters to Heaven
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October Breast Cancer Awareness


Dreams are almost always taller than you are;
That way,you have to reach to make them come
true. We will always be reaching Bubba and as
God calls all of your family home one by one
with you we will have reached our Dreams!


Life comes with obstacles, obstacles that
must be pursed. No matter how rough the
obstacles, you will succeed by trying your
best. Failure does not exist if you try.Taking
"One day at a time." You cannot change the
past; the best is yet to come.The present is
now, focus and work on the present. Success
will follow in the future when I see you again
in Heaven Bubba!
Love Your Sister always, Patty


Yes, I am a survivor of suicide but it is the most unfair label I have ever had to wear. It is a label given when a loved one dies of SUICIDE, in this case being my little brother. Funny thing is that no one told or ask if I wanted to be in this club...... I don't know what I have survived, I live with the pain everyday of missing my BROTHER!. I am a totally different person, then the one I was before. Now there is a missing part, a fragment that is vital and gone. PLEASE, if you think about suicide, think of this. Don't sign the people you love up for this club! This is the most awful club anyone can be in.There are no benefits at ALL! Just alot of sadness, tears and pain. If my brother was here right now and the hands of time turned back that awful day, I would say this to him.......Please stay, you are needed and loved here. Don't go and have me wondering where you are. Let me see you everyday and know where you are.Let me have the special treat of touching your face and holding your hand. Let me have the honor of hearing your voice, seeing your smile and laugh! Of hugging you and you hugging back. Please don't let me just go to the cemetery and leave flowers for you,
when your not even there to enjoy them. Please don't leave and have me miss you everyday of my life. Please, Please stay with me, doesn't it matter to you that I LOVE YOU!
I want to say one last goodbye, get one last hug, one last kiss, and hear your voice one last time. But you left without giving me any of those. In Heaven I will be able to hug you, I will be able to give you a kiss and hear your voice. But the BEST part is we will
NEVER say goodbye!


It has been 7years now since you have left me behind.
Peace in my Heart one day I wish to find.
Sometimes I feel so selfish because I wish you
could still be here. At Times I need to hear your voice,   and know that you are near. My world completely fell apart
when you left. I think it is the little things that really
break my heart,like hearing one of your favorite songs.
Something like "At This Moment" but even more so "I Believe
I Can Fly." When I hear things like that I can't help but cry. Alot of people said the pain will go away, but they
did not know my heart, so who are they to say? So for now I'll try to pretend that everything is okay, because deep
in my heart I know we'll see each other again someday!
When that day is, I have no idea for I am clueless. All
I know is that you'll continue to be forever loved and missed. You'll stay in my heart for eternity, your impossible to forget. Your memory will be treasured and very safely kept!
I love you more than words can ever say, I miss you just as much! Your the perfect Gaurdian Angel little brother, so keep watching over me and I will try to make you PROUD!
xoxoxox Patty 



When you look upon

the dark of night and see a

twinkle of light, remember that it is your Angel,

 the star that shines so bright!

Letting you know he is with you and loves you so!